My work is diverse, linked by the principle of inspired action.

I help writers shape their words and ideas. I help people in service sustain themselves emotionally and physically. And I provide learning spaces to help foster compassion, develop communication skills, and better understand and appreciate the world around us.

In short, if you want to go deeper, I’ll walk with you.

I am an award-winning author who has published two non-fiction books for teens and more than 100 articles in a diverse range of print and online outlets. My writing is an exploration of the human experience, not only in how we live, learn, and interact, but also how our experiences influence our physical state (and vice versa). 


I provide a range of services around writing and editing including freelance writing, co-writing, and ghost writing. I can also help you shape your ideas or clean up and clarify your writing, or translate it for a broader audience.

Whether you have a specific project or just want to improve your writing, I can help everyone from teens on up improve their writing and storytelling skills. I can work with you (or your child) one-on-one, or check my Gatherings page for online workshops.

I work on either an hourly or per-project basis. Rates vary depending on the nature of the work and extent of my involvement. 


I lead workshops and retreats, alone and in conjunction with some fantastic colleagues. I am also available as a guest speaker, presenter, or keynote speaker at your gathering. Additionally, I am happy to design and present a specialized class or workshop for your group or company. 


I am a licensed massage therapist with 10 years of experience helping people restore functionality within their bodies, and understand and appreciate the links among our physical and emotional states. My clients have included everyone from professional athletes to the elderly. In addition to a foundation in Swedish and deep tissue (focused) work, I have an extended certification in structural myofascial therapy and a certification in prenatal, labor, and postnatal bodywork.

Bodywork sessions can be scheduled on their own, or conducted as an adjunct to our other work together. 

One-on-One Work

From time to time, I’ve been asked by former students, bodywork clients, and others if I’m available for talk sessions. Absolutely. Some things I've helped people with are reframing difficult circumstances, deepening their well of compassion, walking the road to forgiveness, and discerning and living life in congruence with their true values.

I also have a certificate in plant-based nutrition through Cornell and can help you integrate more plant-based eating into your life. 

If you’re interested in working together, let’s connect and discuss whether I’m a good fit for your needs.


Like lots of editors and ghost writers, I can't take public credit for many of the book projects I've worked on. However, here are some things that people I've worked with--clients, colleagues, and students--have said about me:

"Kelly Madrone has an amazing editorial eye. She can help you frame and organize the structure of your narrative, clarify your message, and bring out the best in your manuscript. I recommend her highly." --Elizabeth Rapoport, former executive editor at Random House, author, and creator of "Write Club"

"It's difficult to articulate the magic that Kelly Madrone brings to a project. She settles in and brings her whole self: heart, mind, soul, intuition, and miles and miles of wisdom. I gave her a pretty decent manuscript. And she have me back a gamechanger. Can't wait for our next collaboration." --Christine Crockett Smith, author and consultant

"Kelly defines what a teacher should be." --former student

“Kelly is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but a compassionate and principled professional, and I'm glad to have found her!” --bodywork client

"Kelly is The Truth. She's the real deal." --bodywork client [NFL player]

"Kelly is Grace." --former student

"Kelly is extremely professional, courteous and respectful of her clients and I cannot think of anyone in this profession I would recommend more highly." --bodywork client

"Kelly has taught me so much not just about how to do massage, but how to live." --former student

"Kelly really listened to us and made us feel heard when others often didn't." --former student

"When I saw Kelly walk into [class] for the first time I thought, ''Stuff's' about the get real,' and I wanted to hug her. ... I was impressed with how vulnerable Kelly was willing to be with us. ... She really helped me." --former student


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