Kindness never tasted so good


Evolved Animal is a vegan food and lifestyle blog we created because so many people see our meals on Instagram and Facebook and ask us for the recipes. The reason we started posting our meals in the first place is to show people how healthy, full of flavor, and abundant vegan food can be, as well as being ridiculously easy to prepare.

Many of our recipes take less than 30 minutes to make.

Many are also great made ahead of time, or doubled so you can freeze portions frozen or eat them throughout the week. And we know how important that is, because . . .

We're moms!

We understand how draining it can be to put fresh food in front of your kids day after day, meal after meal. And if you're just switching to vegan, or experimenting with cutting down on your animal intake, it's daunting to learn a whole bunch of new recipes. Don't worry: We're not going to tell you that you have to make your own almond milk or buy expensive meat substitutes. Sure, you can do that stuff if you want, but for here we keep it basic (see above: moms). Just fresh ingredients, prepared simply.

Oh yeah, and all our recipes are gluten-free.

Wait, isn't being vegan AND gluten-free ridiculously hard? Nope.

Just like with being vegan, it just takes a little time to learn the ropes. Once you get down some basic, easy recipes that you can make again and again, you start to see how you can play with ingredients and flavors to customize these recipes to suit you. You'll be freestyling in no time, and that's when it really gets fun.

So enjoy! We'll keep adding more recipes and other content as we have time (did we mention we're moms?).