Besto Pesto Pasta


Who knew pesto could be healthy (and cheap)? This recipe barely uses any oil, subs B-vitamin-heavy nooch for parmesan, and uses walnuts instead of pricey pine nuts (though you can sub if you like). Plus, as Mala will tell you, basil is one THE healthiest herbs going. Our kid loves this pesto so much she licks the spatula. 

2-5 cloves raw garlic (depending on your taste)
2 large handfuls of basil
2-3 T. nooch (nutritional yeast)
about 1/2 C. raw walnuts
2 T. olive oil
your favorite cooked pasta, strained

Pulse garlic in food processor until it's well chopped. A basil, nooch, walnuts, oil, pinch of pepper, and 2 pinches of salt and blend until smooth. 

Taste and add garlic, salt, or pepper per your preference.

Mix in with the cooked pasta until pesto evenly coats the noodles (which is easier if the pasta is still warm). We like quinoa, lentil, or mung bean pastas, which are delicious and high in protein. We sometimes mix the pesto with spaghetti squash that we've baked and shredded with a fork. The bowls pictured above include steamed broccoli and Mala's Savory Lentils (adding even more fiber, iron, and protein). 

Pesto can be made ahead and used over the week, or frozen in servings using an ice cube tray.